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The History Of The Crown

We are building a history, below is what we have so far, but can you help? Old pictures of Cleator Moor & The Crown are sort! As a local community pub we support many members of our local population, from young to old. If you can help us with any old photo's we would really appriciate it and will add it to our collection for all our community to see.

Here we have a small collection to start with and over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more, hopefully with your help! Just pop in for a pint and a chat and we'll do the rest!

As you pass through Cleator Moor when travelling from Cockermouth to Egremont, you won't see much more than a row of houses on either side of the road. However, take a sneaky right turn halfway along and you'll come into the heart of the community which seems to ooze with history and stories just waiting to be told.

We are grateful that we have so many loyal customers who can bring their memories to life while sitting and chatting over a pint in our great pub.

Old Cars

Do you have any pictures of your parents old cars in Cleator we could add?

Old Story's

Do you have facts that we can add to our timeline? Email them to us.

My House

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Shops & High Street

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The Crown & Cleator Moor's timeline from the beginning

our history

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    the beginning

    New town of Cleator Moor laid out on former common from 1880s. By 1861 population stood at 3,995; it peaked at 10,420 in 1881. It then declined, to 8,120 by 1901 and to low point of 6,411 in 1951, after which it rose to 7,686 by 1971; in 2001 it stood at 6,939.

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    Coming Soon

    Send us your story's! Can you help pass on some history for future generations?

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    Tony Buys A Merc!

    Yes! Really! And if you havent heard about it, come in! Full specifications are available on request!!

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    New Website launch

    The Crown joins the every growing list of Dot.Website sites. Linking this great pub not only with a network of local businesses, information sites, full online shop and much more! but establishing links throughout the U.K. and having the full strength of their specialist knowledge.